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acoustic guitar amp

Acoustic guitar amp’s are designed to accurately create the sounds of your guitar whilst playing, a completely different set-up to electrical guitar amps.

Keeping the tones clean with superb accuracy is everything.
If you’re practicing with an amp, you’ll likely want a stage monitor style design so you can face the speaker back to you. Of course, you can also point it towards small crowds, making it suitable for pub and small venue gigs.
Typically speaking,an acoustic guitar amp for personal and practice use are far less expensive than performance based designs. You’ll likely find a huge difference between playing with the two types, as performance speakers are much, much louder and designed for concert use.

Small Club Amps
You’ll likely want an amp in the 40 – 100 Watts range here, depending on the ambient noise.

Band Work
For jamming sessions, you’ll likely want an Amp with 200 – 300 watts power.

Larger Venues
This is where things get expensive. To be honest most well set-up clubs have their own PA system so you technically shouldn’t have to bring your own Amps.

Other Features

Inputs – Sometimes you can plug more than one guitar into your Amp, handy if you want to apply the same filter over the entire band. If you’re going this way, independent controls and EQ are vitally important.
Effects – Common ones where are revert and chorus.
Feedback control

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